Digestive & Immune Support

Product Mechanism of Action

MannaMax combines the benefits of live active yeast and yeast cell wall extract in one product. Live active yeast has numerous proven benefits such as preventing acidosis and stimulating growth of beneficial lactic acid consuming bacteria. Yeast cell wall extract improves animal growth and production by enhancing the animal’s immune response and eliminating harmful bacteria from the gut. This powerful combination enhances immunity and digestion for improved productivity.
RumaPro is an immune and digestive support blend that takes Protmos a step further in protecting livestock health and improving production. While enhancing immunity and health, the addition of bentonite and Bacillus subtillis work to help flush toxic substances and improve digestion of feed. All this adds up to improved gut health and energy extraction for production.
NutriZyme is a comprehensive product designed to meet the diverse needs of livestock.  The expanded blend of digestive enzymes, yeast cell wall extract, active encapsulated microbials, active yeast culture and bentonite are formulated to facilitate digestion, nutrient absorption, enhance immunity and while efficiently extracting the most nutrients from the feed for better production.