Health & Immune Support

Product Mechanism of Action

Yeast cell wall extract is a widely used product demonstrated to benefit growth and production in the livestock industry. This staple product enhances the animal’s immune response while also eliminating harmful bacteria from the gut and preserving the beneficial bacteria. ProtoMos yeast cell wall extract helps to enhance immunity and overall health preventing energy wastage and allowing the animal to produce more efficiently.

Fresh Calc Bolus – The sudden outflow of calcium in fresh cows is a constant battle for the dairyman trying to maintain the health of the cow and steady milk production. Oral calcium supplementation is the best treatment for hypocalcemic cows still standing. Fresh Calc bolus delivers oral calcium in four different forms allowing for fast, medium, slow release rates to maximize absorption. Minimize lactation downtime by heading off hypocalcemia with Fresh Calc bolus.

A healthy heard is a productive herd and sick livestock can drastically affect productivity. Rumen Peppers are a specially formulated bolus designed to drive thirst and DMI while boosting immunity with yeast cell wall extract and a vitamin blend. Get your livestock healthy and productive with Rumen Peppers.