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A premium yeast cell  wall produced from Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

$1.60/lb  or $.025/hd/day


A highly concentrated live active yeast product. For use in beef, dairy, swine and poultry feed.


Certified Organic

A highly concentrated live active yeast product. For use in beef, dairy, swine & poultry feed.


A pro-biotic package to supercharge your beef & dairy cattle. Can be mixed with feed or liquid feeds. For use in beef and dairy cattle.

12 KG (26 lbs)
$8.34/kg at 6gm/head/day

A highly palatable anionic product for pre-fresh cows.

$0.41/lb or $0.61 hd/day

Fresh Cow Calcium Bolus for use on Post-Partum cows.

$2.50/bolus at 2 bolus/hd/day

Sick cow and high SCC cow bolus.

$1.50/bolus at 2 bolus