About Us

About Us

Since 1998, over 20 years, Feed Sources has been making products to enhance animal performance and well-being with specific, natural pro-biotics and DFM products and service solutions. Our goal is to help you improve your animal’s health & optimize productivity. We only use products from the three largest yeast and enzyme companies in the world.  We purchase millions of dollars of products to provide pricing that you can’t find anywhere else.  Whether you need our existing products, private label products, or specialized blends, we’re large enough to handle it and small enough to give personal attention to every project.

We use only the best ingredients from local and internationally known producers.

  • Lallemand
  • Phileo-LaSaffre
  • Prince Agri Products
  • Texas Sodium Bentonite
  • Le Hoist
  • Angel Yeast

Company Mission

Our mission at Feed Sources is to help you increase your animals nutrition, while also increasing your profit. We sought out the best sources, formulated the customized blends and products with nutritionists, and are supported by results from the end users.

​We keep costs low by eliminating the middleman and can sell straight to the nutritionist, feed mill, or end user. We offer opportunities for toll manufacturing of custom products developed by you or custom formulated in-house. Private labeling is also a service offered. Furthermore, we guarantee a strict confidentiality policy for the privacy of our clients.

​When it comes to animal nutrition, there are many supplement choices so choose a supplier that can save you thousands on your annual supplement bill. At Feed Sources we strive to provide the best supplements at the best prices.